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The Literacy Architects


According to The Literacy Architects website,

"The Literacy Architects, LLC is led by founder and managing director Seema Tejura. We also leverage a diverse group of outside talent as needed.

Seema has over twelve years of experience leading students, teachers, and leaders towards literacy success, influencing over 150,000 students in 350+ schools. She has held various positions in urban school districts, including reading specialist, literacy coach, reading/language arts director, and chief academic officer."


This past week, we were privileged to have a conversation with founder and managing director of The Literacy Architects, Seema Tejura. Below are a few questions we asked regarding The Literacy Architects and tips for job seekers!

Q: What inspired you to start The Literary Architects?

A: "More than 30% of students end third grade not having learned how to read, and only 53% of teacher preparation programs teach their candidates about evidence-based reading instruction (NCTQ, 2021). I started The Literacy Architects to bridge this gap between teacher training and classroom instruction. Through our professional development, teachers learn about the research behind how children learn how to read and strategies for reaching their struggling readers."

Q: What kind of person succeeds at your company?

A: "We are a relatively new company with a small, but growing, team. Past hires who have been successful have been adept at working independently, open to receiving feedback, comfortable with some level of ambiguity, and flexible. They have also been open to the role adapting and growing based on their skills, strengths, and interests as the company grows."

Q: What sorts of things would you love to see in applicants' resumes?

A: "We value the ability to learn quickly and see projects through from beginning to end over years of experience, so when looking through resumes, I look for past evidence of this. We've hired everyone from high school interns to mid-career professionals, so if you're interested in one of our positions but aren't certain if you're 100% qualified, please go ahead and reach out and let us know why you think you would be a good fit!"

Q: Is there someone applicants can contact if they had questions about job openings/the company?

A: "Yes -- feel free to reach out to with any questions!"

Below you will find jobs that The Literary Architects are hiring for! Special thanks to Seema Tejura for the conversation and for the work she is doing!


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