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According to Brite,

"A fun way to learn a new skill is to do something you enjoy. Whether it's playing a video game or writing code on a computer, the freedom to choose what you want to do is a powerful tool in driving interest, engagement, and in turn, achievement.

Computer science education is more important than ever, since tech is becoming an increasingly vital part of our daily lives. Yet, many schools still don't offer computer science as a class.

That's why we created Brite. It's a fun and interactive platform that uses gaming elements to help young people develop their coding skills, while also entertaining them.

Brite is a comprehensive White Label platform designed to empower communities, academies and educators to teach computer science. We provide an award winning curriculum, tools and resources, and overall turn-key solution to start your own kids coding academy.

Teach kids in your community to become an awesome game and web developers!"

About the their openings,

"When you join Brite you get to work with a hand-selected and battle-tested team of extraordinary human beings who are passionately engaged on a mission to positively influence kids and help them to be successful in the future.

We pursue our work with a relentless commitment to EXCELLENCE. And we constantly strive to improve. We are not looking for the average or the norm. We are looking for AWESOMENESS.

Do you want to build a legacy instead of just doing “work”? Do you enjoy being gatekeeper of exceptional customer experience while raising the bar for quality every day?

Would you ever miss an opportunity to discover and mentor next Zuckerberg or Bezos?

Simply put…

We need YOU to help us grow in our quest to be the best positive influencers we can be, increasing our global impact.

If inside you are saying “Heck Yeah!” please send us your resume via our contact form


We are always on the lookout for awesome Web Developers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers and Interns who wants to learn from the best."


This past week, we were privileged to have a conversation with founder of Brite, Dmitry Litvinov. Below are a few questions we asked regarding Brite and tips for job seekers!

Q: What inspired you to start Brite?

A: "Prior to starting Brite, both me and my co-founder were teachers and also owned an afterschool kids coding academy. During the course of launching, running and growing that business we've built the tools that helped us to be one of the most successful academies in our city. It turns out, that there are a lot of other afterschool educators that suffer from a lack of suitable solutions to help them effectively teach kids. We felt that it's our sacred mission to transform that industry and empower the educators to repeat our success of positively impacting young minds."

Q: What kind of person succeeds at your company?

A: "We are pretty much obsessed with our mission and vision, and the person who will be successful at Brite would need to share that obsession and passion with us."

Q: What sorts of things would you love to see in applicants' resumes?

A: "Curiosity, coachability, resourcefulness, and prior success. Nothing unusual that an early-stage startup might look for in candidates."

Q: Is there someone applicants can contact if they had questions about job openings/the company?

A: "Absolutely! Please email us at with any questions."

Below you will find jobs that Brite are hiring for! Special thanks to Dmitry for the conversation and for the work he is doing!


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