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According to 101edu,

"101edu develops Chem101 — a next-generation active learning platform built exclusively for first-year chemistry courses. The mobile-first platform delivers a unique blend of active learning, homework, and assessment tools that help students to visualize, experience, and interact with difficult chemistry concepts in new and exciting ways. Chem101 is currently adopted by over 1,500 chemistry faculty at 400+ colleges and universities across North America such as Florida State University, California State University, and the University of Connecticut. Instructors utilize the platform to engage their students during and after class with real-time digital learning activities, assign online homework, timed quizzes, and extra practice. Chem101 also offers instructors the ability to enhance their courses in any format: in-person, hybrid, or completely online."

About the founder of 101edu, Justin Weinberg,

"Justin is the visionary behind 101edu and has been teaching forms of math and science for a decade as a tutor and teaching assistant. Now, he is leading 101edu to bring its active learning platform to college STEM courses across the country. Justin recently received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University where he was an NSF Fellow."


This past week, we were privileged to have a conversation with founder of 101edu, Justin Weinberg. Below are a few questions we asked regarding 101edu and tips for job seekers!

Q: What inspired you to start 101edu?

A: "We founded 101edu because we believe the traditional college model of learning STEM is broken. For far too long, college courses in math and science have revolved around passive lectures and static and expensive textbooks. Not only are these methodologies proven to be ineffective, but they are also a disservice to the millions of enrolling students who are paying rising tuition for higher education. We want to transform these courses to be centered around research-proven active learning methodologies where time is focused on problem solving, discussions, and receiving personalized feedback. Our active learning platform is built specifically for STEM and provides faculty with the toolset they need to engage their students in the most difficult math/science concepts."

Q: What kind of person succeeds at your company?

A: "Our company is built by mission-driven individuals who strive to do the best work of their lives and who love to collaborate cross-functionally. We hold ourselves to aggressive goals and growth. We feel rewarded by our journey of building a world-class learning platform that is having a huge impact on thousands of courses every year."

Q: What sorts of things would you love to see in applicants' resumes?

A: "That of course depends on the role but in general, we love to see a demonstrated ability to solve complex problems, a connection to our company mission, and a capacity for growth. We don’t only look for candidates with traditional backgrounds and we have many current team members who have taken interesting career paths to get to where they are today."

Q: Are you looking to hire teachers? And if so, any tips for them transitioning out of the classroom?

"Definitely! Since our product is so closely connected to the classroom itself, current or former educators are a natural fit. I am a former educator myself and we have hired other educators on our sales, customer success, marketing, and content teams over time. In terms of tips for transitioning out of the classroom, I would say that working in edtech is very different from working with students. As an educator, your skillset can be extremely valuable to an edtech company like ours but I would prepare to learn and come in with a growth mindset."

Q: Is there someone applicants can contact if they had questions about job openings/the company?

A: "Absolutely. For any questions or interest, feel free to reach out to us at"

Below you will find jobs that 101edu are hiring for! Special thanks to Justin Weinberg for the conversation and for the work he is doing!


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